06 March 2013

Lowepro Preferred Photographer

Today I got a nice gift from Lowepro, a luggage tag with Lowepro Preferred Photographer logo. :)

Here attached to my mother-of-all-backpacks, the mighty Lowepro Super Trekker AW II Backpack.

Keeping in mind that I am an old Lowepro customer, I will consider this gift as a recognition for my loyalty to this brand. Yes, I have two Trekker backpacks, three Nova shoulder bags, few lens holders and other SlipLock accessories.

This gift was not expected so it was a total surprise for me especially when I saw the Lowepro logo on the envelope. 

And a note on the end, I do not know why Lowepro stopped the production of the Super Trekker AW II backpack because it is so good and comfortable that some times I use it as my primary mountain backpack even when I had no intention to take photos!

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