17 February 2013

Your Android tablet as lightbox

Yesterday, because it is weekend and I had enough time  I wanted to make a selection of slides for sending to scanner but unfortunately my old lightbox was not working due to the power adapter. And here I am put in a position to find an alternative way of viewing the slides easy and comfortable. The simplest and convenient option that I had in mind was to use my tablet as a lightbox. Or rather said as lighttab.
With surprise I found that is even more convenient and useful to use the tablet because I can adjust good enough not only the light intensity but the color temperature of light. Well? How about that? Could you do something like that with a classic lightbox???

I have a 7-inch tablet and as you can see in the photos it can hold six 135mm slides, two of  medium format (6x7cm) and one large format (4x5). Of course, as probably all of us know, the size matter! You can buy a  10-inch tablet. Your kids gonna love this new toy! :)
I used the Flashlight software (here on Android Play) but any software that light the screen can also be used with success. Certainly, there are similar software for iPad.

(medium format, 6x7cm slide)
I must mention that the posted photos was not manipulated with the exception of the resize.

So? That's a new reason to like slides!

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