21 March 2009

Almost perfect words...

Almost perfect words said by Syl Arena - http://pixsylated.com
I said almost because I'm waiting for him to continue... :)

1. If you can’t be remarkable, be memorable.
2. You are NOT defined by your photo gear or your computer’s operating system.
3. Powerful photographs touch people at a depth they don’t anticipate.
4. You have to let your images go out into the world without you.
5. Cross-pollinate with photographers and other creatives.
6. Photography slices time. Photography gathers time.
7. Learning to create photographs that “look” like your world should be only a milestone - not the destination.
8. “Coopetition” is a new business model that’s here to stay.
9. Wars have been fought to protect your copyrights.
10. Your photographs have value. Don’t give them away.
11. Your photographs have value. Give them away.
12. Resist the temptation to become a pro photographer.
13. Learning photography is just like becoming fluent in a foreign language.
14. Invest more in your education than you do in photo gear.
15. Understand that the meaning of “traditional photography” is relative and it always will be.
16. Photographers are like dogs – they come in many breeds, some are purebred, others are mongrels.
17. Learn to think of the viewfinder as optional.
18. Make tons of mistakes and fail frequently.
19. Don’t worry about “having a defined look”.
20. Understand that owning a photograph is different than owning the right to reproduce it.
21. MTV has changed the way we look at and digest images (Ioan opinion: in a wrong way?).

Which one do you like most?
My favourite is 10 and 11. Yes...two of them... :)

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