02 January 2015

Livestrong and Photography

Well, almost all cyclists know about Livestrong and what they are doing. Now it's time also for photographers to meet them. :) So, this is a rubber wristband that can be bought as a support for the Livestrong fight against cancer. The price is negligible, $10 for 10 pack. Buying this will provide support to the Livestrong programs and services for cancer survivors. Simple and noble as that!

Now the photography part. I wear this wristband since 2010 but yesterday I found that's pretty useful when you need to attach to the flash head a color filter or a white business card as light bouncer. No sticky Gaffer tape or Velcro band, no scratches. Your flash will be protected! The photographers know what I'm talking about. In this example I used a Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash but for sure this wristband can be used with a similar success to any other flash from Nikon, Sony, Yongnuo, Metz and so on.

What do you think if I challenge you?
So, I challenge you to find other useful uses of this yellow wristband! :)

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